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5K and Crochet- Fitness for the Mind, Body, Soul

Dates: 3/7-3/11/2021

Total Cost: $105

Trip Leader: Ashley Bouwer and Celia Tucker



Pay a 10% deposit per item

In this course you might sweat, have sore muscles, sore knees, and ask yourself why in the world you signed up to voluntarily exercise every single day of SPARC Week. In this course you will learn the art of crocheting, ending your week with a finished project to take home. In this course you will grow closer to, laugh, encourage, and create memories with those classmates who took a risk and signed up for this course. Within the week, you can expect to be engaged physically through a healthy dose of stretching and walking; be intellectually engaged through the intricate methods of crocheting; and be spiritually engaged through devotional time and enjoying God’s beautiful creation. We will not get bored by intentionally exploring the many different local walking trails in and around Tyler and by the time the week concludes, deepen our understanding of who we are as God’s unique creations.

Students will receive a half credit on their transcript for completing this course.

Students will earn a half credit on their transcript for completing this course.

***Please be advised, due to the ever changing COVID climate, all Brook Hill travelers are expected to abide by international, domestic, and local rules and regulations. These could change between now and SPARC week. Trip leaders will communicate any changes or updates.