July SAT Full Academy (7/26-7/30)


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Brook Hill is excited to join other elite private schools such as The Casady School and Holland Hall in partnering with Olympia Prep for elite SAT test preparation. Scroll down for full program details.

*In order for the program to make, there is a minimum number of registrants required.

**Live Zoom will be available upon request.


Academy Schedule

July Test Event

Here you will build a foundation for success on the SAT in a focused, intentional system for improvement.  You will take your first 3 SAT tests with Olympia Prep in this first round.

Your private tutoring hours will be scheduled separately for this round.  Instant access tutoring hours will be available to be used at your own convenience.

Test 1 Mon, July 26th 1PM-5PM Brook Hill Lecture Hall
Class 1&2 Tues, July 27th 1PM-5PM Brook Hill Lecture Hall
Class 3&4 Wed, July 28th 1PM-5PM Brook Hill Lecture Hall
Test 2 Thurs, July 29th 1PM-5PM Brook Hill Lecture Hall
Class 5&6 Fri, July 30th 8AM-12PM Brook Hill Lecture Hall
Test 3 Fri, July 30th 1PM-5PM Brook Hill Lecture Hall
Review Session 1* – Online Wed, Aug. 25th 6-8PM Online
Review Session 2* – Online Thu, Aug. 26th 6-8PM Online
NATIONAL SAT Sat, August 28th register at

*This will be a required session for students without significant improvement

Many students reach their goal score at this point and don’t continue on with the program.  However, our continued Personalized Success Program is here if you need it or want it and it won’t cost you another dime.

Upon completion of this first round’s events and tutoring, your student will qualify for our 100% money-back guarantee. Complete your full Personalized Success Plan to qualify for our 110% money-back guarantee.  See our terms for more details.


Welcome to your guaranteed path to success on the SAT test.

There will be new tests, content, and in-person opportunities for all in the future, and it will not cost any extra to participate in them.  Let’s not take any chances with something so important.  This is your future – let’s make it a bright one!

Program Highlights

  • Guaranteed Results
  • 65-100+ hours of unique test preparation events and tutoring and personalized homework self study – plus repeat events for free!
  • 4 hours of included private, 1-on-1 tutoring with a top 1% in the world instructor
  • In-person practice SAT tests:  5+ unique SAT tests created by SAT, Inc. (the same people who make the national test!) timed and proctored under normal time and testing conditions.  No imitations, only the real experience.
  • Thousands of additional problems, assigned based on your student’s needs – no wasted time on things you already do well.
  • Unique programming prepares you for 3+ SAT tests for maximum results
  • Curriculum, homework, and study plans built for you based on your student’s software analysis of results, instructor’s analysis of needs, the frequency of each question type on the test, and speed of perfecting each functional content area.  Results often come very quickly because of this emphasis on YOUR needs.

The most common FAQ:  Can I use this for 3 tests that are not consecutive?  Yes.  You will be able to return to this program again for free.  A possible, common scenario is for a student to use part or all of this 3-test program as a sophomore and then return to complete it again for free junior year.  This is allowed and welcomed and will continue to provide new tests and classroom access – please leave a comment in your registration.


To have your own paired private instructor come meet with you in person one-on-one instead of a group setting, consider upgrading to a private tutoring package.

This program will add an online access subscription that is free, will always be free, and should be worry-free!  It’s a necessary part of how Olympia Prep does things.

It’s one thing for us to tell you how Olympia Prep is improving scores, but another thing entirely to hear it from the people that really matter: You can click here for more testimonials.