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Purpose and Goals

Modeled after the college January term concept, SPARC is designed to increase learning opportunities and has become an enormously valuable and popular component of a Brook Hill School education. SPARC stands for Spring Potential And Reality Courses and takes place the week before spring break in March. Not only are students given a plethora of classes to choose from each year beyond the normal high school curriculum, they also have the unique opportunity to literally travel around the world through a variety of educational and mission trips. In addition, Brook Hill students have the rare opportunity to experience a profession first-hand before deciding on a major.

SPARC is designed to challenge students to grow their knowledge beyond present experiences and to inspire a love of life-long learning. This is accomplished by groups of students working closely with faculty and staff in various non-traditional, experiential courses. SPARC provides opportunities to fulfill the school’s mission through not only affirming the gifts of each student, but introducing them to unexplored abilities, challenging their potential by providing experiences and situations in a real-world setting, and encouraging Christ-like character in a variety of settings. SPARC allows students exploration in academics, arts, outdoors, missions, leadership, and athletics. Enrichment opportunities are also offered through cultural interactions, community service, and skill acquirement. The goals of SPARC include:

  • To expand the student’s worldview and knowledge through exposure to new ideas, new cultures, and/or new skills.
  • To deepen relationships among students and faculty by working together in unique groups.
  • To model a life-long love of learning through faculty involvement with students.
  • To eliminate the misconception that learning only occurs in a classroom environment, and thus, developing lifelong learners.
  • To reinforce ideas or concepts taught in the classroom in a different environment.

Directions for SPARC Registration

  1. Click HERE to access the course catalog page.
  2. Click on the SPARC trip you want to register for and add it to your cart.
  3. Once added to the complete the checkout process by filling out all the required information and paying the deposit* or the cost in full.

*Deposits are non-refundable

If you have any complications, see Mrs. Mize in Lauderdale 101 or email her at

Important Dates

October, 11th- SPARC registration begins
October 29th- SPARC registration closes. All students not signed up will be placed on the local community service project for SPARC week.

What if the course you want is full?

If the course you choose as your first choice is full, please see Mrs. Mize in Lauderdale 101 or email her at, and she will place you on the waitlist

Waitlist information

In the event a course you are interested in is full, you will not be able to register for the course.
If you would like to be placed on the waitlist, then speak with Mrs. Mize
You must register for another course. Follow the directions above to register and pay the deposit, where applicable. Being on a waitlist is not considered registered for a course.
If you are moved into your waitlisted course, any money paid will transfer.

What if I sign up for a course that doesn’t make?

There are times when a course does not have enough students sign up for the course to make. In those cases, we work to place you in a course of your choosing; however, you are responsible for communicating your choices. If you do not let Mrs. Mize know your second choice if your first choice does not make, then you will be placed on the local community service course.

Rules and regulations

All students in grades 6-12 must participate in a SPARC course. Any student who has not already registered for a course will register for a SPARC course in October.

  • FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS- SPARC courses are designed by grade level. Students in grades 6-8 will either choose their class trip or the local course offering(s) for middle school students.
  • Some upper school local courses allow 8th grade students to participate.
  • Middle school students may only travel on an upper school trip with the approval of the middle school principal and they must be accompanied by a parent.
  • The dates official dates of SPARC are March 7th through March 11th, 2022. SPARC days are considered academic days in our school calendar. The Brook Hill attendance policy applies during SPARC; this includes the policy for parent request and college visit days. Each unexcused absence from a SPARC program will count toward the yearly allowance.
  • Once a student has been placed in a course, changes may not be made after January 14th, 2022. Therefore, it is imperative that the student and parent discuss cost options for SPARC courses. Please do not register for a course if all course requirements, including costs, cannot be met.
  • Individual SPARC courses will not be allowed; such courses do not meet the goal of small group interaction. All students should choose a SPARC course from the courses provided. A student choosing an alternative program will have to use his/her parent request days (limited to three days per year).
    If, due to extenuating circumstances, a student must be taken out of a course, The Brook Hill School will do everything we can to reimburse any money paid toward the course. However, there are times when we cannot guarantee a refund if certain items such as plane tickets, hotel reservations, etc. have already been purchased.

Contact information

SPARC Coordinator- Jessica Mize

Phone: 903-894-5000 ext. 1101