2025 Catalina Island (males only)


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Leader: Shawn Rhoads
Dates of Travel: 3/10-3/14/2025
9th-12th males only

This week-long course is designed to challenge 9th-12th grade boys to explore Biblical masculinity in the wild and rugged environment of Catalina Island. On this remote island, located off the coast of California, students will study Biblical principles that are foundational to Godly manhood while exploring, engaging, and interacting with the “wild side” of Catalina Island. Students will catch and clean fish, search for moray eels, dive through wild kelp forests in search of marine life, kayak along the island coastline, hike the rugged terrain seeking wild buffalo, and possibly swim with dolphins—if their nerves can take it. This course is NOT for the “faint of heart”, but only for the young man who enjoys conquering the unknown, thrives on adventure, and wants to explore what it means to be a “Real Man”.

REFUND POLICY- Please note that all payments are non-refundable. In the event a person cannot attend a trip, the trip leader will determine if any refund is possible.