Amazon Missions

Amazon Outreach- Until All of Heard
Kelly King and Shannan McEuen
Total Cost is $3,181.00*

Join the Amazon Outreach Organization in serving the River People and Indigenous tribes along the Amazon River in partnership with Brazilian churches. Why do we go?

  • 80% of villages along the Amazon River have no gospel presence
  • They are humble people that live in deep material and spiritual poverty
  • Villagers have a syncretized religion of Spiritism, Macumba (voodoo), and a diluted Catholicism…they are ripe for the gospel of Jesus Christ!
  • The great majority of the population along the Amazon River have no access to any
    medical or dental help or fresh, clean drinking water
  • There are very few organizations like Amazon Outreach ministering to these people and even their own country rarely helps them.
  • “Transforming lives on two continents” not only will you GREATLY impact the lives of those who live in the villages, but your life will be impacted as well!

REFUND POLICY- Please note that all payments are non-refundable. In the event a person cannot attend a trip, the trip leader will determine if any refund is possible.


Stripe Processing Fee $7.50
Total Payable Amount $257.50
Pay a 100% deposit per item