2024 Careers in Sports

Leader: Josiah White
Dates of Travel: 

Join Coach White and others as we bring back Behind the Scenes. This course will focus on the different aspects involved in the sports, entertainment, and media industries in the state of Texas. We will explore sports and entertainment venues, go behind the scenes of the nation’s largest manufacturer and distributer of sporting equipment, go behind the scenes for collegiate athletic healthcare and training insight, discover the science behind the sport, attend a professional and collegiate sporting event, visit with various experts in the field of sports and sports medicine, explore media coverage, and participate in team building adventures.

Students will:

  • Increase knowledge and awareness of all aspects of the sporting industry including but not limited to
    • Business operations
    • Personnel and staffing of events
    • Off season industry
    • Media relations
    • Athlete interaction/fan interaction
  • Gain an understanding of the broad avenues and opportunities available for an occupation in the sports industry
  • Understand the skills necessary for the pursuit of a career in the sports industry

REFUND POLICY- Please note that all payments are non-refundable. In the event a person cannot attend a trip, the trip leader will determine if any refund is possible.


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