2024 The God Debates ◊

Leader: Dr. Sloan Lee
Dates of Course: 3/4-3/8/2023
No cost

Students will join Dr. Lee to watch and analyze several debates concerning the nature and existence of God.  The debates and interviews we will watch and analyze may include the following:

  • “Debate on God’s Existence” – Russell vs. Copleston (1946; BBC Radio Broadcast)
  • “The God Delusion Debate” – Dawkins vs. Lennox (2007; University of Alabama)
  • “The Incorrigible Dr. Berlinski” – David Berlinski (2008)
  • “Does God Exist?” – Craig vs. Hitchens (2009; Biola University)
  • “Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?” – Craig vs. Carrier (2009; Northwest Missouri State)
  • “Does a Good God Exist? – Dembski vs. Hitchens (2010; Prestonwood)
  • “Does God Exist?” – Craig vs. Atkins (2011; University of Manchester)
  • “Are We More than Matter?” Dennett vs Ward (2018, Unbelievable Broadcast)
  • “Does the Christian God Exist,” – Hunter vs. Dillahunty (2019; Baylor University)
  • – Various interviews from Closer to Truth

◊ BH 0.5 Elective credit awarded

REFUND POLICY- Please note that all payments are non-refundable. In the event a person cannot attend a trip, the trip leader will determine if any refund is possible.


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